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AIFM Services

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The introduction of the AIFM directive gave us the opportunity to make a real difference to our clients by increasing our services levels to meet these new challenges faced by the financial sector.

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Introduction to Helvetic

Nicola Smith, Managing Director of the HFFT Group makes an introduction to Helvetic Fund Administration and its services.

AIFM Services

HFFT has developed a platform solution that provides clients with the ability to access the alternative investment fund market in the EU whilst meeting the regulatory requirements of AIFMD.

Compliance Assistance

The way we are tackling the challenges in the ever changing regulatory landscape is explained by Charles Foster, Director of the HFFT Group.


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  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Opportunistic
  • Client as a priority
  • Delivery oriented


"During Hilltop's near five year administration relationship with Helvetic and Fidux we have enjoyed clear, accurate and reliable services. Where transitions were necessary these were well supported, planned and executed. Despite regulations relaxing in 2011 allowing for the use of non-local providers, we have stayed with Helvetic due to the quality of service and for their willingness to be flexible as the context required. By maintaining solid process without becoming overly systematic the close responsive service we value has been maintained throughout."

- Trevor Simon, Hilltop Fund Management LLP

"HFFT Group is a first-class provider of fund services. Its personnel is outstanding, always very supportive and helpful. I can fully recommend HFFT Group as a one-stop shop for sophisticated fund solutions."

- Rockstroh Christian, swisspartners Investment Network AG